Banpresto Lab w/guest Kimura Ryohei

Kimura Ryohei and Ohsaka Ryota demonstrating a hug from behind, while Suzumura Kenichi films.

Kimura Ryohei: Good work! Oh it was this side.

Suzumura Kenichi: Ahh ahh. Good you were aware of the camera. 

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dear seiyuunotabi, first of all. thank you so much for answering/reblogging my last question <3 i send my fan letter aka LOVE to my beloved aachan /hopes he received it *doki2* second is that i have another question xD do you know any other seiyuu that has release a photobook? i know shimono and mamo has /since i had it lol and tsudaken will on oct.. /i wants more





Hi :D No problem at all~ I’m glad I was able to help along with the assistance of my followers ^__^ Sadly I don’t know any other seiyuu’s that have released a photobook >__< If any of my followers have any further information regarding photobooks and is willing to help out this user, please do! Myself and this user will be very thankful towards you! Thank you very much ^__^ 

Terashima Takuma & Aoi Shouta have photobooks as well~. 

Thank you very much! 

More about photobooks aside from the already mentioned ones~. KENN, Okamoto Nobuhiko, Kishio Daisuke, Suzumura Kenichi, Takahashi Naozumi, Nojima Kenji, and Ono Daisuke have photobooks too~ About Kaji Yuki. He has one from 2010 and he’s releasing another one towards the end of next month. A lot of these don’t seem to be available on CDJapan, but most are on AmazonJP. 

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Banpresto Lab w/guest Kimura Ryohei

Ohsaka Ryota and Suzumura Kenichi demonstrate the ohime-sama dakko (princess hold/princess carrying), while Kimura Ryohei films!

Suzumura Kenichi: Ok then, let’s do it.

Ohsaka Ryota: Ohime-sama dakko?

Suzumura Kenichi: Hey, Ohsaka carry me!

Ohsaka Ryota: No way! You’ve got to be kidding me!

Suzumura Kenichi: Ohsaka, carry me!

Kimura Ryohei: Wow! How do you feel?

Suzumura Kenichi: Feels great!

Kimura Ryohei: “Feels great!” How do you feel? 

Ohsaka Ryota: Totally in pain! 

Suzumura Kenichi: Right now I feel like a tuna waiting for Hatoya. (A fishing shop) “If a string is going it has to be Ha-to-ya.” 

Ohsaka Ryota: Wait. Wait.

Suzumura Kenichi: You’ll get a good catch! 

Banpresto Lab w/guest Kimura Ryohei

A kabedon simulation with Ohsaka Ryota and Kimura Ryohei, while Suzumura Kenichi films.

Suzumura Kenichi: Kimura Ryohei plays a 12 year old girl.

Kimura Ryohei: 12 years old!

Ohsaka Ryota: 12 years old! That’s a crime!

Suzumura Kenichi: Okay then, he’s a 16 year old girl. And Ohsaka is a 21 year old university student.

Ohsaka Ryota: Hey, if you come with me. I’ll buy a lot of good things for you.

Kimura Ryohei: I’ll go. You know what, this kabedon is going to work! The kabedon is amazing! This has to be the first time my kouhai made my heart flutter.

Ohsaka Ryota: That’s weird.

Kageyama (Ishikawa Kaito), Hinata (Murase Ayumu), Hina-garasu, and   Kage-garasu.......let's see what are they doing on the stage....

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smiling | Orion (CV: Hiromi Igarashi)
AMNESIA World Character CD - Ukyo & Orion
by Orion (CV: Hiromi Igarashi)
Kyaaaaa!! Oikawa-san~! ♡ | Ayumu Murase & Kaito Ishikawa


Random snippet from Haikyu!! Web Radio Episode 13.

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I think Kaji Yuki and Fukuyama Jun has released a photo book

Thank you very much for sharing this information! 

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