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Aoi Shouta「TRUE HEARTS」Interview Translation


Note: Do keep in mind that there may be some translation errors, as I’m not fluent in Japanese. Italicized stuff in parenthesis are my notes/comments. I’ll try to minimize those by the way. If it’s not English and italicized, I probably added an explanation at the very end. Please do not repost and claim the translation as yours. 


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旅立つ君の横顔に | MaxBoys

Tabidatsu Kimi No Yokogao

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Anonymous whispered: what made you think that you have lots of supporters? you know, they are just buddy buddy with you because you can translate some stuffs. people loves you just because you're translating some stuffs for them~ :( *cries with you*

Hi there Anon~ Well for me personally it doesn’t matter what size of number supporters I have on this blog~ Either it be 0 to 100 or whatever number. As long as I’m happy in what I’m doing then I’m all good. I just want to share the seiyuu love, it’s nothing too hard to understand. If people just like me for my translations it’s fine, that means to me that I’ve done something to open their eyes into the seiyuu world and make them understand and notice these great people behind the voice of character! Knowing who does the voice of your favorite anime or gaming character to me, means a lot because without them we wouldn’t be able to hear these types of characters with such emotion and realness (if there is any xD). So to conclude everything, it doesn’t matter upon the number of supporters I have the only thing I care about is making people understand who the seiyuu are~ Since seiyuu’s deserve a lot and we own it all to them and the rest of the anime and/or gaming production team. Thank you very much anon for dropping by~ 

Anonymous whispered: it hurts me a lot to see u get rude anon. I hope that anon gets drawn by ur kindness and become kind too... that anon really need to buy some manners. Maybe they dont have many people who are kind around them... I just wish you can keep ur head up. U rocks, sora-chan!

Hiya Anon! Thanks for caring! I also hope that happens too but it all depends on them~ Hopefully they can see the wrong doings that they have done in their life but then I don’t know, since it all depends on them. No worries at all, anon hate won’t slow me down~ Thank you for the encouragement and dropping by too! 

levi-heishichou whispered: What the heck is up with these people sending you rude asks?? It's interesting because it started with just one, and you started getting more of them. I'm starting to think the way you reply those asks really ticked certain people, and they started joining in sending you hates. Geez. Anyway, my darling, you have my standing ovation for the way you took care of these shitty people. If I were you, I would've went batshit crazy. >:(

Hiya there! I really don’t know why? I just assume that they have nothing better to do so they just decided to attack me to bring my self-esteem down, I guess. Wanting to see me crumb and fall into a pit of depression? But any ways anon hate like I said before is not going to stop me from what I like to do ^__^ being able to share the seiyuu love~ As well translating videos and making gif sets for you fans out there! So then we can all enjoy and understand those great seiyuu moments! Any hoo thanks for messaging me and expressing those thoughts! 

Anonymous whispered: hi sora-chan! do you know if there are any seiyuu who's dating or married to another seiyuu? I only know that Suzuken and Sakamoto Maaya are married and there used to be a rumour that Kamiyan and Hanakana's dating but not sure if that's just rumour or true. Thanks in advance and sorry if you've answered similar questions before.

Hiya Anon! No problem at all~ Just go to this link right here!

Enjoy! Thanks for dropping by! 

Anonymous whispered: I've just found you, but your blog makes me so happy! Not to mention the fact that you're very active too. It's hard to find active Seiyuu blogs. TT^TT (Let me cry tears of joy for this discovery.) I'm looking forward to exploring your blog to dig out all Kamiyan, Nojiken, OnoD, and that adorable, lovable, I-just-want-to-squish-his-cheeks-and-bear-hug-him-everytime-he-opened-his-mouth Kaji Yuki; and and Shimono Hiro who recently caught my interest. I want to learn more about him! <3

Hiya Anon! Thank you very much! I’m really glad that my blog makes you so happy! Yeah I’m pretty active on this blog~ I try to blog once I get the time too since I also have to juggle other things in my life~ But any ways welcome to seiyuunotabi, I hope you enjoy your stay! And thank you for dropping by! 

Anonymous whispered: Hi! Don't know if this has been answered already, but I was wondering if there are any videos (either online or to buy on DVD) where Hiroshi Kamiya does Trafalgar Law and/or Levi's voice?

Hiya Anon! So far from what I know I haven’t heard Kamiya Hiroshi do the Trafalgar Law or Levi voice on stage or in a seiyuu event yet~ He’s usually talking in his normal voice or doing calm, comedy, or happy roles in live dubbing when it comes to some seiyuu events~ If any of my followers know any videos where Kamiya pulls out the Trafalgar Law or Levi voice and is willingly to share, please do! It will help me and this anon a lot! Thank you very much in advance and thank you anon for asking!